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Shade Net

Shade net trials at Haygrove have demonstrated that on hot days shade netting can reduce the temperature on the crop by 5 °C and reduce light levels by 30%. This provides longer ripening periods, reduces softer growth and creates a better working environment at harvesting. Haygrove Tunnels are very flexible and allow shade net to be used in a number of different ways depending on what the grower requires:

Haygrove supply a range of Knitted tape and monofilament shade nets in a range of 40% to 70% shading. We also can provide training and advice on how these are best use with the tunnels and for the benefit of the crop.

Fleece or Row Cover

Trials at Haygrove have demonstrated that fleecing of outdoor strawberries will in a normal season bring forward the picking date by 5-8 days. Combined with Haygrove Tunnels this means that the season can be 2-3 weeks earlier. Haygrove fleece is especially suited for the protection of early salad crops, bedding plants, vegetables, soft fruit and flowers.

Fleece weights of 17g, 23g and 30g per sq m are available depending on the level of frost risk.

Haygrove Steel Fleece Pins

Designed to remove the mess and disease carrying risk of tyres or bags of stones, the fleece pin provides a clean and quick way of securing fleece.

Attached to the tunnel leg, when the fleece is not in use the pin is turned up the other way and is then used to store the fleece clean from the ground.

Haygrove supply a range of Fleece materials (otherwise known as Row Cover), steel pins for storage and securing the material and advice on how to use within the Haygrove Tunnels.

Ground Cover

Ground covers have been significantly trialled and developed at Haygrove. They are specifically suited for heavier soils or substrate production sites, where the production team want to avoid winter operations and reduce soil compaction and rutting.

The system does require an upfront cost, but payback over a 2-3 season crop is achieved through:

Woven from long-lasting polypropylene tape yarn, Haygrove ground cover has been designed to block out sunlight, preventing weeds. Its thread design allows water to drain away quickly leaving the crop drier and cleaner. The product is easily cut to allow planting to be carried out through the material.

Trials at Haygrove have demonstrated that the covers can be successfully moved from field to field and are guaranteed for 5 to 8 years depending on whether you use a 100 g/m2 or 130 g/m2 yarn. The covers withstand normal vehicle traffic

Ground Cover Steel Pins

These are designed and manufactured by Haygrove for effective installation of ground covers. The pins are very strong and remove the hassle associated with broken and brittle plastic pins that degrade in UV light

Bird Net

Bird Netting is produced in UV polyethylene to provide strong and light weight covering to prevent birds entering tunnels. Green or black netting is available.

In addition, for crops, such as cherries that are very susceptible to bird damage, we will provide advice on how to deploy the bird net onto the Haygrove Tunnel structure

Insect Net

Insect nets are woven or knitted from synthetic threads and are ideal for organic growers or farms in very susceptible geographical areas. Nets for mesh sizes to prevent White Fly, Thrips or Cabbage Root Fly are all available.

For specific, high health status units, Haygrove have worked with growers to develop a bespoke system for netted structures. Please just contact us to find out more

Material Handling

Handling materials such as Fleece, net and rope can be very time consuming and sometimes dangerous. Haygrove supply the Hiwer Machine, which is a wonderful solution for mechanising the collection and storage of materials.

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