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Haygrove fejlesztési projectek

Stimulating progress in the developing world
Haygrove Gambia Is Good

Creating an example of the potential for developed world SME\'s to stimulate progress in the developing world

Haygrove Development - What Is It All About?

Haygrove Development is a not-for-profit company established by Haygrove. Its desire is to:

  1. Provide proof and examples of how developed world small and medium sized enterprises, with few resources, can get involved in development, make a difference, and prosper more as a result.

    Creating and sustaining and growing a business from 0 to 'stage 2' is the core skill and comfort zone of small and medium sized businesses.

    This is surely the principle skill needed to successfully expand economic activity and employment in developing countries.

  2. Provide experience in new ways of business and charity sectors together.

    Foundational to Haygrove Development is our partnership with Concern Universal (see http://www.concernuniversal.org), a leading Development Charity based in the UK.

    Our goal with CU is to develop the effective relationship between business and charity and to promote business principles in the development context.

  3. Inspire other SMEs.

Our first project, in 1996, was supporting an example of excellent integrated farming in Capiz, the Philippines. The 1ha farm had won Philippine Farm of the Year Award, and rasied 11 children to University from what many would call a bamboo hut. US Aid later identified the unique work being done there and built a training centre promoting it as a centre of excellence.

Our second major project was established in 2004, when Haygrove and Concern Universal together with 3 local partners in The Gambia, formed a Fair Trade Marketing Company, 'Gambia is Good'. Backed by a £197k (sterling) grant from the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and Haygrove and partner contributions of £120,000, the company is now just commencing its fourth year of trading.

Our third initiative called 'Bright Futures' in South Africa was commenced in 2007, a partnership with Shell Foundation. This time a social upliftment project, seeking to replicate many times Haygrove's experience of promoting fruit pickers to management and some to partnership, for previously disadvantaged people in the Western Cape.