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Haygrove fejlesztési projectek

Stimulating progress in the developing world
bright futures bronze candidate

Bronze Level Candidate cleaning a row of raspberries to ensure the highest quality berry.

managers teaching candidates

One of the Haygrove Managers training Bright Future candidates in husbandry techniques

Candidates Receiving Certificates

Bronze candidates receiving training certficates from Sean Tager

7 Gold Candidates

7 Gold candidates with their new passports

Bright Futures

Bright Futures - Growing future farmers with a sustainable enterprise based development programme

Bright Futures is a progressive and earned upliftment programme, starting in January 2008 and run from Haygrove Heaven in South Africa.

It is targeted at local farm workers from previously disadvantaged communities and has a structured ladder of opportunity and incentives that at the highest level will achieve individual business partnership with Haygrove Heaven (Pty) Ltd.

Key Principles:



Aim for next 5 years:

To excel in partnership with Marks & Spencer and relevant domestic and international funding bodies to launch a farm for its Platinum graduates - this farm will have excellent support structures to gain a global reputation in the example it provides of creating new African farmers.